Master Medical Natural Sciences

The Master’s programme in Medical Natural Sciences is a multidisciplinary programme that combines physics and chemistry with medicine. MNS is a collaboration between the researchers of the Beta department of VU, the VUmc and the AMC. This combination will teach you how to translate research into the fundamentals of physics, biology and chemistry into innovative solutions for healthcare. A multidisciplinary background like this will equip you perfectly for tomorrow’s approaches to medical research, in all their complexity.

As a Master’s student, you will have approximately one year of courses and one year of internships. There are a lot of course possibilities to create your own specialization. This provides the possibility to focus on your interest within the medical world. For example, you can opt for a physics profile, which can be more fundamental or more focused on the clinical application. You also can choose to explore the role of biomarkers in clinical chemistry or focus more on physiological approaches of threatening diseases. An important part of the master are the internships in the research groups. These bring your knowledge into practical work and improve your practical skills.

The Master’s programme in Medical Natural Sciences is a unique opportunity for students who want to combine scientific subjects with practical application. Market research shows that graduates of this programme have a bright future. For example, you will be able to:

  • Develop new possibilities and techniques for medical diagnosis and treatment;
  • Research ways of applying technology to treat various diseases;
  • Work on clarifying the molecular basis of various diseases.